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System Component - Smart ATG

External Liquid lever sensor with sonar ranging principle..

System Components - IoT Gateway

Real time control over fuel dispensers and ATG systems.

LPG Business Automation & filling station Solutions

Keep Your fuel/LPG station Safe with Trusted Solutions

Oil and Gas depot management system

Low cost, reliable & accurate tank gauging, easy installation.

about us

Petrosoft Ltd - a HyperCom Network company

Petrosoft is a downstream oil and gas software and hardware development company based in Nigeria. Our goal is to help retail operators increase profitability and reduce operational cost using intelligent IoT technology solutions.


Downstream Hardware Solutions

We also offer; Cloud based Online Tank Monitoring System to corporate customers worldwide. In additional to software solutions, we help retail operators install fuel dispensers, fuel management systems, tank monitoring systems, customer loyalty systems, bank terminals, self-service terminals, price displays, etc.

experience & technology

Software Products

1. Head Office – Downstream Petroleum Distribution & Transport Management System: handles all areas of head office
financial accounting, Products distribution, wet stock management, PEF, Subsidy, Transport/Driver Management, HR, Asset Management, mobile App
for Depot Rep etc
2. Station Manager: – handles all LPG & Fuel station financial accounting, inventory management, HR, Asset Management, Retail Sales, Bulk sales,
for LPG and Fuel Station retail operations, works with or without ATG or Dispenser integration, also works in full automated mode with dispenser &
tank gauging integration.
3. Oil Depot/Terminal Manager: This system covers all areas of oil depot operations, Asset Management and Financial Accounting. Inbuilt
CRM allows clients to remotely handle all reconciliations and keep a tab on their accounts and also make products orders and distributions from the
comfort of their office

Petrosoft Provides hardware and financial accounting software solutions for automation of petrol stations, LPG plants and oil depots.

Reinventing the head office operations in retails & Fuel distribution business

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